Human resources stream in the National Graduate Program

If you have a degree and want a career in human resources, we want you.

If you have any of the following degrees, you can apply to both the human resources (HR) and generalist streams. If you’re assessed as suitable for both streams, we’ll try to match you to the HR stream first.

Once you start, you’ll stay in the HR stream for the duration of the program.

Read about how to apply.

You can also apply for the HR stream from the Australian Government Graduate Program and add Services Australia as your preference.

Type of degree

We’re looking for graduates with degrees in the following subjects:

  • arts, majoring in human resources
  • business, majoring in human resources
  • commerce, majoring in human resources
  • management, majoring in human resources
  • psychology, majoring in human resources
  • human resource management.

Range of work

In the HR stream you may work on a range of projects and tasks, including:

  • strategic human resource work, such as organisational culture and workforce planning
  • development and implementation of new programs that build the capability of our staff
  • development of people policies
  • operational advice, support and guidance to business areas.
Page last updated: 27 February 2024.
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