Update an encounter

How to update an immunisation encounter on the AIR site.

Login to PRODA to access your HPOS account. In HPOS, select My programs and then Australian Immunisation Register.

Once you’ve identified an individual. Select Update Encounter from the left hand menu.

You can only select Update Encounter if you submitted the original encounter and haven’t been paid for the encounter. If the encounter was administered by someone else, or you’ve been paid for it, we can update the details for you. You’ll need to send us the details through secure email.

Using the Update Encounter function, you can amend the following encounter details:

  • date of service
  • schedule
  • dose number (if schedule other is selected)
  • vaccine/brands administered
  • batch number
  • country of administration
  • vaccine type
  • route of administration.

To update an encounter:

  1. open the encounter you want to change by selecting the pencil icon under the Action column
  2. update the relevant details on the Edit Encounter screen. When you’ve made your edits, select Submit.

A message will display to let you know the encounter has been updated.

View our education module to get help updating an encounter.

Update an encounter using secure email

If you’re unable to update an encounter on the AIR site, contact us using HPOS messages.

Use HPOS messages to update an encounter we’ve paid you for, or an encounter submitted by another vaccination provider. When you do, please provide us with:

  • the individual’s full name, date of birth and or Medicare number and Individual Reference Number (IRN)
  • antigen, dose number and date of service submitted to the AIR
  • change required, for example, change from dose 1 to dose 2.
Page last updated: 17 January 2024.
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