How to register

You can record your decision in different ways. You can register online, use our app, or fill in a printed form.

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Once you’ve recorded your details on the register we’ll send you a donor card. It will take about 3 weeks to arrive in the post. If you have the Express Plus Medicare mobile app you can access a digital copy of the card.

You can carry your physical card with you as a symbol of your decision to donate. However, you don't need to carry it to have your organs donated.


You can register online through:

If you don’t have a myGov account linked to a Medicare online account, you’ll need to set it up.

Printed form

Fill in the Australian Organ Donor Register form.

You can:

Submit it at a service centre, fax or post it to us for free. These details are on the form.

If you give your Medicare number on the form, you'll help us keep your details up to date.

Page last updated: 26 October 2022.