Record a medical contraindication

How to record medical contraindication on the AIR site using HPOS.

Login to PRODA to access your HPOS account. In HPOS, select My programs and then Australian Immunisation Register.

Once you’ve identified the individual, select Medical Contraindication from the left hand menu.

To record a medical contraindication:

  1. select practice location from the drop down menu
  2. enter or select the vaccine or brand
  3. select whether the exemption is permanent or temporary
  4. enter the start date
  5. enter the end date (for temporary exemptions only)
  6. select the reason for the exemption from the drop down menu
  7. then select Add to record a medical contraindication.

A message will display to let you know the medical contraindication has been recorded.

If you work at 2 or more locations, select your relevant provider number from the drop down menu. If you work at 1 location, the AIR will automatically record the medical contraindication against it.

You can only record medical contraindication for 1 vaccine or brand at a time. You’ll need to repeat this process for every vaccine or brand you record a medical contraindication for.

View our education module to get help recording a medical contraindication.

Page last updated: 21 November 2023.
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