Record an immunisation exemption

How to record an immunisation exemption on the AIR site using HPOS.

Eligible doctors can record immunisation exemptions such as medical contraindication or natural immunity in the AIR.

Read about the reasons you can record an immunisation exemption for.

If you’re eligible you can do this by:

You must identify:

  • the medical contraindication
  • which vaccines your patient can’t have
  • if the contraindication is temporary or permanent
  • which vaccines a patient doesn’t need due to natural immunity.

If a patient has a valid immunisation medical exemption recorded on the AIR, it will be on their Immunisation History Statement.

Parents and guardians may use the medical exemption to meet immunisation requirements for:

  • some family assistance payments
  • child care or school enrolment.

We’ll return any incomplete, invalid or unsigned form to you.

View our education module to get help recording an immunisation exemption.

Page last updated: 21 November 2023.
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