How much you can get

The amount of ABSTUDY School Fees Allowance higher rate we pay depends on how much the school fees are.

There are 2 different parts of the allowance:

  • an annual part that isn’t income tested, up to $8,856
  • an annual part that is income tested, up to $2,540.

Income tested means if your child is dependent, you or your partner’s income may affect how much your child can get. If you’re eligible, we’ll pay both parts.

The maximum rates are the most we’ll pay. If your child’s fees are less than the maximum rate, we’ll pay enough to cover their fees. If the fees are more than the maximum rate, you’ll have to pay the difference.

Schools tell us their annual school fee rates each year. Some schools may charge different fees for each student. If you know what the fees are, tell us when you claim this or another ABSTUDY payment.

Page last updated: 1 January 2022