Employment support for people with disability

We have employment support available for staff with disability.

Our Commitment

We are committed to the attraction, recruitment and retention of people with disability. Our focus is to provide universal access, remove barriers and learning and career advancement equality. We have a number of strategies and policies in place to encourage job applications from people with disability, and we aim to be seen as an employer of choice for people with disability.

Our Workplace Inclusion and Diversity Strategy 2019-23, Workplace Accessibility Plan 2016-19 and Diversity Policy and Guidelines demonstrate our commitment to an accessible and inclusive workplace.

Reasonable adjustment

People with disability can request workplace modifications or reasonable adjustments to assist you to apply for positions, participate in the recruitment process, and with your daily job. They are aimed at removing barriers for people with disability and provide the tools and equipment to undertake their job in the best way possible. These may include:

  • interpreters, readers, attendants or other work related assistance
  • information and communication in accessible formats such as converting text to audio, providing larger print versions of documents, and provision of a talking calculator
  • assistive technology such as screen reader JAWS, screen magnifier Zoomtext, and speech to text application Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • additional workplace equipment or facilities
  • adjustments to work methods and arrangements
  • methods for testing, assessment or selection
  • training for staff, co-workers and supervisors.

You can discuss your needs with the position’s contact officer if you think you may require reasonable adjustment during the recruitment process.

We have a number of employment programs and initiatives to assist and support people with disability in our workplace.

Accessibility Support Unit

They help foster an accessible and inclusive workplace by providing assistive technologies that are compatible with our computer applications. The unit provides dedicated product support, advice and training to staff, including people with disability. Our endorsed products include all of the following:

  • screen reader JAWS
  • screen magnifier Zoomtext
  • speech to text application Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Employee Network on Disability

A network for all staff with disability, staff who care for a person with disability, or staff who have an interest in disability inclusion and participation enables members to share ideas and engage and inform us on initiatives and strategies relevant to people with disability or carers of people with disability.

The Australian Network on Disability

The Australian Disability Network is a not for profit organisation whose primary goal is to advance the inclusion of people with disability. They assist organisations to develop their behaviours, attitudes, systems and knowledge so they successfully engage with people with disability as staff, customers and stakeholders.

We are currently a gold member which provides us with access and support to consultancy services and resources to develop strategic approaches to disability inclusion.

Page last updated: 1 March 2024.
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