Rules for the child younger than 16 getting care

If you’re younger than 16 and getting care, you must meet these rules.

The child getting care must meet all of the following:

  • have a recognised disability or score high enough on the Disability Care Load Assessment (Child) Determination 2020 (DCLAD)
  • be likely to have the illness or disability for at least 12 months, unless it’s terminal
  • need care from the carer in their home or in hospital.

If you care for 2 children under 16

We may pay Carer Allowance if both:

  • you provide care for 2 children under 16
  • their care needs add up to the same care as for 1 eligible child.

The carer and the health professional who treat each child getting care must answer questions for the DCLAD.

Page last updated: 27 October 2022.
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