Multicultural Servicing Strategy 2023 to 2025

Our Multicultural Servicing Strategy sets our direction over the next 3 years. It shows how we’ll meet the needs of multicultural customers now and into the future.

Our commitments

We’ve aligned the strategy with our Corporate Plan. It shows our commitments in 6 key areas of the Australian Government’s Multicultural Access and Equity Policy, which are:

  • leadership
  • engagement
  • performance
  • capability
  • responsiveness
  • openness.

These 6 key areas are essential in delivering programs and services in a multicultural society.

We’re committed to building on our programs that support multicultural customers. These include:

  • Language services
  • Settlement programs
  • Specialised support
  • Strategic engagement
  • Staff capability.

Read about how each of these programs can help you.

Language services

People who need help in their language, can access payments and services in person, over the phone or online. We have:

  • bilingual staff
  • multilingual phone service
  • interpreters
  • translation services.

Settlement programs

We help newly arrived refugees get the support they need. We deliver government payments and services at different stages of their settlement journey.

Specialised support

We offer tailored support to multicultural customers according to their individual needs. This includes products, services and community engagement through the Multicultural Service Officer program.

Strategic engagement

We engage regularly with multicultural customers, staff, and advisory groups. This engagement informs everything we do, including any of the following:

  • transformation work
  • new policies
  • service delivery.

Staff capability

We use the language and knowledge of multicultural staff to develop and enhance our services. We develop programs to build on our multicultural capability in the agency. We ensure staff have the skills, training and support to work with multicultural communities in a helpful and respectful way.

Our strategy

Read about the actions we’ll take to meet our commitments in the:

Read the Multicultural Access and Equity Policy on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Page last updated: 27 September 2023.
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