Family and Domestic Violence Strategy 2020-23

Our strategy outlines how we support people affected by family and domestic violence.

Family and domestic violence is a complex issue. It affects people in different ways and everybody has a role to play in addressing it.

Our role

As a service provider, we:

  • identify customers affected by family and domestic violence
  • connect them to support as quickly as possible.

As an employer, we make sure we provide a safe and supportive workplace for our staff. This includes those affected by family and domestic violence.

We also recognise the expertise outside our agency. We work with specialist providers and other government bodies. This helps us better support people who are affected by family and domestic violence. These partnerships help us provide a complete service for our customers and staff.

Our commitments

We will:

  • create an environment where customers and staff feel comfortable reaching out for support
  • make sure our systems and processes are easy and safe for customers to use
  • work with the community and government to better support customers
  • take care of ourselves and each other.

Our strategy

Read about the actions we’ll take to meet our commitments in the:

Page last updated: 17 November 2022.
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