You must check your pre-filled information

21 July 2022

You must check pre-filled information before you submit your employment income report. This affects your Centrelink payment amount.

We’re making employment income reporting simpler by pre-filling information into your report when we know it.

This saves you entering all your details yourself.

We get the information we pre-fill from your employer’s payroll reporting.

Not all employers are reporting in a way that lets us pre-fill information yet but we’re expecting an increase in July 2022.

This means you may see pre-filling in your report if you haven’t seen it before. But don’t worry if you don’t, it will happen for you some time soon.

Talk to your employer about any income amounts or types that you are unsure of. They may be correct but reported differently on your payslip to how you are used to.

Reporting your income correctly helps us pay you the right amount.

Read more about when we pre-fill your information.

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Page last updated: 21 July 2022.