WPIT is customer-centric

We approach the design and delivery of our payments and services from your point of view.

Our aim is to make it easier for you to access government payments and services.

We’re transforming the customer experience by learning directly from you, and redesigning our services around your needs. This is creating benefits for you, our staff and government.

Case Study: Ken’s story

In March 2019 we met Ken, a Disability Support Pension customer. We heard his story about claiming the Pensioner Education Supplement.

Our new online claiming process surprised Ken with how easy it was to use.

We used the information we already had about Ken to pre-populate his claim. This meant he only needed to check his information and update it with any changes to his circumstances. This made the process much quicker than completing a paper form.

Ken was also able to upload additional documents as part of the online claim. He didn’t need to call or visit a service centre. He completed the entire claim process from the comfort of his own home.

He said, “The online claim is much better, I love it!”

Experiences like Ken’s show how our work is improving customer experiences.

Case Study: Lin’s story

Lin is a mother of two and has been struggling to make ends meet since her partner was injured.

Lin was previously getting a parenting payment and working part-time. We notified her online that her Parenting Payment Partnered would stop when her child turned 6 years old. We let her know she could apply for JobSeeker Payment if she still needed financial assistance. Lin followed the link we sent her and answered two questions about her circumstances. She was able to book a telephone appointment online as well.

After the phone appointment, we sent a Job Plan to Lin’s online account. She accepted the plan, and she was pleased with the smooth transfer to JobSeeker Payment. She was able to keep paying her bills.

After a few months, Lin discovered she was pregnant. She went online to check what she needed to do to apply for Parenting Payment Partnered. She answered a couple of questions and a message popped up saying she wasn’t eligible until her baby was born.

After Lin’s second child was born, she went online and completed the claim. We had already filled in most of the information. She just had to check it and confirm.

Lin says her recent experiences with Centrelink were positive. “It’s taken away a lot of stress and worry so I can focus on my family.”

Page last updated: 3 March 2022