Who it’s for

You can take part in ParentsNext if you meet certain conditions.

You can take part in ParentsNext if:

  • you have a child under 6 years
  • you’ve been getting Parenting Payment
  • you’d like help with your study or work goals
  • you don’t live in a Community Development Program region or Norfolk Island.

Participation requirements removed for ParentsNext

From 5 May 2023, ParentsNext participants are no longer subject to compulsory participation requirements. This means you can choose to:

  • go to quarterly appointments with your provider
  • take part in activities your provider has set
  • agree to a Participation Plan.

Your payment won’t be stopped if you don’t take part in ParentsNext.

New service starts November 2024

A new voluntary pre-employment service to help parents with young children starts November 2024. It will replace the existing ParentsNext service ceasing October 2024.

When the new service starts, you’ll be able to choose to take part if you:

  • have a child under 6 years
  • don’t have paid work.

We’ll update you when more information is available.

Read more about the new parent service on the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations website.

Page last updated: 8 December 2023.
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