Who can help with your card

Find out who can help you with your Cashless Debit Card and bank account.

The Traditional Credit Union (TCU) and Indue Ltd are financial institutions that provide your Cashless Debit Card and a linked bank account.

If you live in the Northern Territory (NT), you can choose between TCU or Indue to provide your CDC.

TCU is the only Indigenous owned and operated credit union in Australia. It provides a unique experience for many of our CDC customers in the following ways:

  • local branches in remote areas of the NT
  • ATMs across the NT to check your balance
  • face to face in-language and culturally sensitive services available.

Both TCU and Indue can help you with:

  • activating your card
  • checking your balance
  • setting up direct debits
  • setting up online accounts
  • setting up mobile apps
  • fix any problems with the card
  • report a lost or stolen card
  • issue a temporary replacement card

Indue have tools and factsheets on their website to help you with your card. Find out how to contact them on the Indue website.

Find out how to contact TCU on the TCU website.

We can help you with:

  • general enquiries support
  • assessment of transfer limit changes
  • assessment of urgent transfer requests
  • temporary and replacement cards
  • community panel enquiries
  • wellbeing exemption requests
  • exit application processes.

Call us on the Cashless Debit Card hotline on 1800 252 604 (Freecall™).

Some Agents in the Northern Territory and Cape York region, Queensland can help with temporary cards. Agents will issue a card if:

  • you lose, damage or misplace your CDC
  • you’re waiting for a personalised card to arrive by mail.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021