Who can get it

You must meet all eligibility rules to get the COVID-19 Disaster Payment - South Australia (SA).

To get it you must meet all of the following:

You also need to have met these rules between 21 July and 27 July 2021:

  • you lived in, worked from or visited a Commonwealth-declared COVID-19 hotspot that is subject to a state restricted movement order, or you lived in or worked from other areas of South Australia
  • you were unable to earn your usual income of 8 hours or more or a full day’s work because you were in the COVID-19 hotspot and were subject to restricted movement, or you lived or worked from other areas of South Australia.

A full day of your usual work is what you were scheduled to work but could not because of a restricted movement order. This includes not being able to attend a full time, part time or casual shift of less than 8 hours.

You can check your visa details and conditions, including your right to work in Australia, using the Department of Home Affairs VEVO system.

You can get it even if you were eligible on only one day during the payment period.

If you’re a sole trader, you should check to see if you’re eligible for your state or territory’s COVID-19 business support payment.

You can only get the COVID-19 Disaster Payment or a state or territory business support payment per relevant period, not both. You need to decide which payment is best for you.

There are no liquid assets rules for South Australia.

A hotspot is an area of COVID-19 local transmission declared by the Chief Medical Officer. The Department of Health website lists the current hotspots.

You’ll also need to meet any rules for the COVID-19 health order that affected you. These rules depend on where you lived, worked or visited, and the date you were affected.

Recognised events are COVID-19 lockdowns, hotspots or periods of restricted movement.

Lockdown is a period of restricted movement when people must stay at home and can only leave for approved reasons.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021