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Quick codes

Quick codes make it easier to find and share a webpage, without navigation or remembering long page titles and URLs. Simply type the quick code into the search bar to go directly to a specific page.

You’ll find quick codes on every page of our website, except the homepage. They’re located down the bottom right-hand side, below the ‘Page last updated’ information. On a mobile device, the quick code is just above the footer.

Desktop computer

Desktop computer

Mobile device

Mobile device

Dark mode

Dark mode changes the website’s colour theme from light to dark. It is often easier to read in low light conditions and can reduce eyestrain and battery usage.

Turn dark mode on or off by using the toolbar on the right-hand side of any page (desktop computer) or the bottom of the screen (mobile devices) and select ‘dark mode’.

Page last updated: 25 May 2023.
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Try our new dark mode

We're testing a darker colour scheme. Try it and let us know what you think.