What your commitments are

You have participation requirements if you’re a compulsory participant in ParentsNext.

What participation requirements are

Participation requirements are tasks and activities to help you with your study and work goals. You must meet your requirements to keep getting Parenting Payment.

Find out if there is a pause of participation requirements.

Your ParentsNext provider will tell you what your requirements are. They may include any of these:

  • going to quarterly appointments with your provider
  • taking part in set activities
  • agreeing to a Participation Plan.

Your first ParentsNext provider appointment is usually face to face. After that you can choose to attend appointments by phone or online.

If you can’t attend your appointment in person or you’re unable to meet your requirements, speak to your ParentsNext provider.

Your payment may stop if you don’t take part when you should and don’t have a reasonable excuse. Read about demerits and penalties.

What exemptions may apply

You may get a temporary exemption from your requirements in certain circumstances. This could be something like:

  • you’re caring for a large family of 4 or more children
  • you’re required to isolate due to COVID-19
  • you’re sick or injured and have an approved medical certificate
  • you’re affected by a disaster such as a bushfire or flood
  • you’re experiencing a major personal crisis such as family and domestic violence, homelessness or the death of an immediate family member
  • you’re pregnant and it’s 6 weeks before the expected date of birth or 6 weeks after birth
  • you’re overseas
  • you’re in psychiatric confinement.

Generally, you can get an exemption for up to 13 weeks. You may get further exemptions if you still can’t participate. Talk to us or your provider if this applies to you.

What you must report

If you’re working, you have to report the employment income you and your partner have been paid in the last 14 days. This is so we pay you the right amount. You’ll need to keep reporting every 2 weeks.

When your personal circumstances change

You need to tell us within 14 days if your circumstances change. Read about what you need to tell us.

You can tell us using the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app or your Centrelink online account through myGov.

Page last updated: 1 September 2022