What it is

The New Zealand Disaster Recovery Payment (NZ DRP) is a lump sum payment to help you if you’ve been seriously affected by Queensland Tropical Cyclone Jasper that started in December 2023.

You may be eligible if you’re claiming for a Local Government Area that has been declared for this disaster.

NZ DRP is not for minor damage or inconvenience. Its purpose is to help you with the immediate costs if you’ve been affected by one or more of the following:

  • the disaster caused major damage to your home or a major asset or assets that you own at your home
  • you were seriously injured
  • you’re the immediate family member of an Australian citizen or resident who died or is missing.

You can choose to get this payment in 2 parts.

If you lost income as a direct result of this disaster, you may also be eligible for New Zealand Disaster Recovery Allowance. If you’re eligible, you can get both NZ DRP and New Zealand Disaster Recovery Allowance.

If you’re an Australian resident or meet other residence rules, you may be eligible for:

A disaster can have a physical and emotional impact on you and your family, additional help is available.

Page last updated: 20 December 2023.
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