What other help is available

We have a range of other information and services to help you manage your payment or get extra support.

This includes:

  • information about Workforce Australia
  • information about Skills for Education and Employment
  • information about paying tax on a Centrelink payment
  • tips about how to manage your money
  • paying your bills with Centrepay
  • information about how veteran payment and compensation can affect your payment.

Other help

Help to find jobs in remote areas

If you live in a remote area, the Community Development Program can help you:

  • contribute to your community
  • gain skills and training while you look for work.

Read about the Community Development Program on the National Indigenous Australians Agency website.

Self-Employment Assistance

If you want to start a business or already run your own micro-business, you can speak to your provider about the Self-Employment Assistance program. If you’re not already connected to a provider, search the Workforce Australia website for a Self-Employment Assistance provider near you. The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations program can help you by providing any of the following:

  • accredited small business training
  • business advice
  • mentoring for up to 52 weeks.

Before 1 July 2022, the Self-Employment Assistance program was known as the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS).

If you’re already in the NEIS program, you don’t need to do anything. The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations will contact you about moving to Self-Employment Assistance.

Read more about Self-Employment Assistance, including content in your language on the Workforce Australia website.

Page last updated: 2 August 2022