The way hospitals and pharmacies order PBS stationery is changing

26 August 2022

From 1 October, HPOS will be the only way to order PBS stationery.

The Camerons Group portal will no longer be available from 1 October 2022. Hospitals and pharmacies must order PBS stationery through HPOS.

To use HPOS, you’ll need a PRODA account. Set up your PRODA and HPOS access now so you can start ordering stationery, you don’t need to wait until 1 October.

Once you’re in HPOS, you can access PBS stationery online ordering through My Programs.

For hospitals without a pharmacy, you need to place an order before 1 October through The Camerons Group portal. Make sure you order enough stationery to last until 1 April 2023. We’ll let you know when new ordering arrangements are available.

Ordering through HPOS allows you to:

  • see a full stationery list
  • place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • view your order details and use online tracking.

If you’re already ordering stationery through HPOS, this change doesn’t affect you.

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Page last updated: 26 August 2022