The way home care providers claim with us has changed

9 September 2021

Prepare for Improved Payment Arrangement changes that take effect from the September 2021 home care claim.

There are a few things that will make your September claim different. Here’s some information to help you with this claim.

Entering invoice amounts

You must include an invoice amount for every care recipient, even if it’s $0.

You can submit invoice amounts or report unspent Commonwealth amounts for multiple recipients at once in the Aged Care Provider Portal (the portal). You can either enter details directly on the bulk event page or import a CSV file into the portal. You can find sample CSV files in the 2021 IPA changes eKit.

Reporting Commonwealth unspent amounts

From the September claim, it’s optional to report the Commonwealth unspent amounts you hold for care recipients who entered care before 1 September 2021. However, you’ll need to report these at least once before 31 December 2021. From then on, reporting will be mandatory each month for each care recipient.

For any care recipients who were in your care before 1 September 2021, you can opt in to return their Commonwealth unspent amounts. You can do this from now until 28 February 2022 in the portal. If you choose to opt in, you don’t need to keep reporting the Commonwealth unspent amount for that care recipient.

Maximum amount for September

For the September claim, the maximum we can pay you is the care recipient’s claim entitlement. In future months, any unspent Commonwealth subsidy will also be available as it starts to accrue in the care recipients’ Home Care Account.

Validating and reconciling invoice amounts

To validate the invoice amounts and Commonwealth unspent amounts you’ve entered in the portal, you can export a CSV. You can do this before finalising your claim. You can also export a CSV of the payment statement (after your claim has been finalised and approved) to help with financial reconciliation.

Next steps

Familiarise yourself with changes in the Aged Care Provider Portal - you’ll see these when August claims are finalised.

Find out more about the Improved Payment Arrangements (IPA) changes on the Department of Health website.

Find out more about how to prepare and submit your claim on the Health Professionals Education Gateway.

To help you prepare for the September claim and answer any questions, we co-hosted workshops with the Department of Health in late September. You can view a recording of one of these workshops on YouTube:

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