Verify patients’ Closing the Gap PBS registration in real time

1 July 2021

There’s now a national registration database for the Closing the Gap PBS Co-payment and more patients are eligible.

Patients registered for the Closing the Gap (CTG) PBS Co-payment can get most Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines cheaper or free.

Changes for patients

CTG used to be only for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australians living with, or at risk of, chronic disease. But that has changed. Now it doesn’t matter where they live or their chronic disease status. Also, now more health care providers can register patients.

To support these changes, we introduced a national registration database. We’ve transferred all previous registration details into the new database. This means patients who were registered through the old system don’t need to do anything.

Changes for pharmacists

You can now only dispense prescriptions at the CTG price if the patient is registered on our new database.

Your prescription dispensing software will verify a patient’s registration with us in real time. You can also check if a patient is registered through Health Professional Online Services (HPOS).

Prescribers should continue to write ‘CTG’ on scripts to help you. But it is no longer a legal requirement.

Next steps

Learn more about how to dispense and claim CTG prescriptions now that things have changed. Read more about the Closing the Gap PBS Co-payment for health professionals.

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