Update your family income estimate

3 September 2021

Update your estimate so you get the right amount of Family Tax Benefit (FTB) and Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

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We use your family income estimate to work out how much FTB and CCS you should get.

Your estimate is made up of your and your partners’ adjusted taxable income.

You should update your family income estimate any time your income changes. Reasons you may need to update your estimate include when:

  • your work hours have increased or reduced
  • you’ve stopped working
  • you change jobs.

What not to include in your estimate

The COVID-19 Disaster Payment is a non taxable payment. If you get the COVID-19 Disaster Payment, you don’t need to include it in your family’s income estimate.

You also don’t need to include any FTB and CCS you get.

Next steps

Read more about what to include in your family income estimate.

If you need to update your estimate, you can do it using your:

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Page last updated: 10 December 2021