Tips for reporting employment income correctly

29 November 2021

Follow our tips to get the right amount of Centrelink payment, and get paid on time.

If you get a Centrelink payment and you or your partner work, you need to report this employment income every fortnight.

Our top 5 reporting tips:

1. Report the gross amount your employer pays you.

It’s the total amount they pay you before tax and other deductions are taken out. You’ll find it on your payslip.

2. Report your partner’s gross employment income.

Your Centrelink payment amount is also based on what your partner gets paid.

3. Don’t report self-employment income in your employment income report.

Business income is usually declared to us once each year.

You only need to send us an updated profit and loss statement within 14 days of any major changes to your business income. This includes starting a new business.

4. Report before 5 pm on your reporting date.

Your payment may be late if you don’t report on time.

5. Don’t upload or send us your payslips.

We’ll tell you if we need them.

Watch our video on top tips for reporting your employment income and learn more about reporting the right way.

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Page last updated: 15 December 2021