There’s a new COVID-19 medicine listed under PBS

1 March 2022

Molnupiravir (Lagevrio®) will be available from 1 March 2022.

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Molnupiravir is an oral anti-viral medicine for COVID-19 patients.

It’s for patients with COVID-19 at high risk of developing severe disease and needing hospitalisation.

Molnupiravir will be listed under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) as s85 General Schedule for the treatment of COVID-19 for eligible patients.

Find out more about the eligibility requirements on the Department of Health website.

Information for pharmacists

If you’re a pharmacist, make sure your Pharmacy Dispensing Software (PDS) is up to date.

If your PDS isn’t up to date, you can:

  • hold the claim until your PDS is updated
  • submit a manual PBS claim until your PDS is updated.

Information for prescribers

If you’re a prescriber, you can prescribe Molnupiravir for patients as Authority Required (STREAMLINED). Make sure your prescribing software is up to date.

If your prescribing software is up to date and you still can’t view the medicine, you can handwrite the prescription for Molnupiravir.

You need to use a PBS Authority prescription and get the streamlined code from the PBS website.

For more information about Molnupiravir, go to the PBS online website.

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Page last updated: 1 March 2022