Procurement complaint process

Legislation, rules and policy govern our procurement processes.

How to make a complaint

Email Procurement Complaints to make a complaint. When you submit your complaint, include all the following information:

  • the procurement title or reference number
  • a statement of your complaint and the outcome sought
  • information to support your complaint
  • details of any resolution attempts
  • the conduct that contravenes the relevant Commonwealth Procurement Rule
  • how it effects your interests.

What the complaint process is

The complaint process will follow these steps. We’ll:

  • receive your complaint through our Procurement Complaints mailbox
  • acknowledge your complaint within 2 business days
  • investigate your complaint and work with you to resolve it
  • let you know if a public interest certificate (PIC) is in place, or relevant to your application.

Then we’ll appoint a delegate not directly involved in the procurement process to:

  • review the complaint
  • consider recommendations
  • notify you of the outcome, including the reason for the decision.

How to get a decision reviewed

If you’re not happy with the outcome of your complaint, you may take it further. To do this, you can contact either the:

Page last updated: 10 December 2021