The PBS Safety Net thresholds will be reduced from 1 July 2022

3 June 2022

From 1 July 2022 more patients will pay less for their PBS medicines under the PBS Safety Net.

The Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) Safety Net thresholds are being reduced on 1 July 2022.

Patients will reach the PBS Safety Net threshold sooner each year.

General patients

From 1 July, the PBS Safety Net threshold will be lowered to $1,457.10 for non‑concessional (general) patients. This means they’ll only pay the concessional co-payment of $6.80 for PBS medicines when they reach the lowered threshold.

Concession card holders

From 1 July, the PBS Safety Net threshold for concession card holders will be lowered to $244.80. This means concession card holders will receive their PBS medicines for free when they reach the lowered threshold. This concessional Safety Net price will apply until 31 December 2022.

Additional information

Patients who’ve already met the previous threshold will continue to receive PBS items at a cheaper cost until 31 December 2022.

If a patient reaches the new threshold before 1 July, only the first and subsequent scripts dispensed from 1 July onwards qualify for the Safety Net price.

To be eligible for the Safety Net price for medicines, patients must have reached the threshold that’s active when their medicine was dispensed.

Refunds aren’t payable for the cost of medicines dispensed at the higher threshold.

Next steps

Make sure you have sufficient stock of Safety Net cards available when the thresholds are lowered and more people become eligible. Read more about PBS Safety Net stationery and forms.

Pharmacists can give eligible patients a PBS Safety Net card when they reach the PBS Safety Net threshold.

Read more about the PBS Safety Net for pharmacists.

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Page last updated: 3 June 2022