Approved Pathology Authorities

To apply as an Approved Pathology Authority (APA), you must meet certain criteria.

You must:

  • own an Accredited Pathology Laboratory (APL) that is going to claim Medicare benefits, and
  • meet the requirements in the Approved Pathology Authority Undertaking

How to apply

To apply:

If you’re making a renewal, please apply no more than 3 months before your current approval status expires.

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What happens next

Once approved, we’ll send you a unique APA number with your approval dates. This is valid for 12 months.

We’ll ask you to renew your APA 11 weeks before it expires. You need to:

When your circumstances change

You must tell us in writing if your circumstances change. This includes if you've bought or merged with another APA, or acquired some of the business.

You'll need to complete and send us an Approved Pathology Authority acquisition or merger advice form.

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Page last updated: 14 April 2021