Medical Indemnity for insurers

Medical Indemnity legislation strengthens the availability of medical services in Australia.

You need to know

The Medical Indemnity Act 2002 provides financial assistance to help keep Medical Indemnity insurance premiums affordable. 

Medical Defence Organisations (MDOs) and Medical Indemnity Insurers (MIIs) can make claims under Medical Indemnity Schemes we administer.

MDOs and MIIs must be incorporated in Australia to participate.

You can read more about medical and professional indemnity claims on the Department of Health website.

Medical indemnity schemes

Under the Medical Indemnity Act 2002 there are 4 Schemes you can apply to.

The Schemes are:

  • Incurred But Not Reported Indemnity Scheme
  • High Cost Claim Indemnity Scheme
  • Run off Cover Indemnity Scheme
  • Exceptional Claims Indemnity Scheme.

Incurred But Not Reported (IBNR) Indemnity Scheme

The IBNR Scheme funds the IBNR liabilities of MDOs where they don’t have enough reserves to cover their liabilities.

Read more about the Incurred but Not Reported Indemnity Scheme.

High Cost Claim Indemnity Scheme (HCCS)

Under the HCCS, the government funds 50% of the amount of claims exceeding the appropriate threshold, up to the limit of the medical practitioner’s indemnity insurance.

Read more about the High Cost Claim Indemnity Scheme.

Run Off Cover Indemnity Scheme (ROCS)

Under the ROCS the government funds 100% of a claim made against medical practitioners who have left private medical practice. The incident and claim can’t have happened before 1 July 2004.

Read more about the Run off Cover Indemnity Scheme.

Exceptional Claims Indemnity Scheme (ECS)

The ECS helps MDOs and MIIs if the settlement amount for a claim is more than the limit of a practitioner's indemnity insurance contract.

Before you send your ECS payment application, you should contact us to discuss your claim.

Applying for a refund

Sometimes there’s a need to recover money from payments made under the Medical Indemnity schemes.

Read more about applying for a refund.

For more assistance, go to the Medical Indemnity details on the contact us page.

Page last updated: 29 October 2019