Setting up your client adaptor software

Information about the steps you need to take to set up your client adaptor software.

Follow the steps to set up integrated software for your aged care organisation.

Step 1 – Check your IT infrastructure

Consider your network and IT infrastructure. Your software developer can help you with this process.

Step 2 – Select a software developer

From 13 March 2022, you’ll need web services ready software to access our systems. Software that doesn’t use web services won’t be able to interact with us. If you’re selecting a new aged care software developer, make sure they are, or will be developing software that is web services ready.

Software developers integrate the information and tools we give them into their own software solution for signing and transmitting electronic messages. We issue a notice of integration to vendors when they demonstrate their product meets the required criteria and standards.

See the list of software developers issued with a notice of integration. You can choose a software developer from this list and arrange for them to install their software on your computer.

Work with your software developer to arrange installation and testing of your new or upgraded software. Your software developer also gives you a Minor Customer ID, which you need to complete the registration form. This helps us manage the transmitted data.

Talk to your software developer if you need staff training to use the new or upgraded software. They can also help you in the data synchronisation process.

Step 3 – Check your business environment

You must check your business environment for any changes needed. You also need to decide who you’ll authorise in your organisation to transmit the data.

Other considerations depend on your current structure and operational procedures. They may include:

  • applying effective storage and archiving processes for the electronic files we get for processing
  • ensuring appropriate logging and audit trails
  • training your staff.

Step 4 – Register for online claiming

If you use integrated software, register for online claiming by completing the Register or amend for Aged Care Online Claiming using Business to Business form. You can also use this form to authorise staff to sign and view data when using online claiming.

If the service requires PKI technology, the registration form also initiates a request to us to supply the appropriate certificates if needed.

Step 5 – Synchronise your data

If you choose integrated software to claim online, you should synchronise your data with us before transmitting. This will reduce errors and delays.

Once you’re ready to start claiming online, you need to send us an electronic file of your occupancy records. We check your records against the resident's details in the systems and send you a report identifying any discrepancies. You need to correct them on your database before you start using online claiming.

Read more about data cleansing and synchronisation.

Step 6 – Enable integrated software

Arrange for your software developer to install the software.

Step 7 – Start using your software

We’ll let you know once the registration process is complete.

You’ll need access to the Aged Care Provider Portal to see the status of information you submit through client adaptor software.

Page last updated: 3 December 2020