Client adaptor software for aged care

Information about client adaptor based business to government (B2G) software.

All existing client adaptor software for aged care will be decommissioned in March 2022. You will need to move to using Web Services compatible software to continue claiming with us. Please contact your existing software developer to discuss your options.

Software products using adaptor technology are only available to residential care providers.

Your options depend on your service set up requirements and the aged care management software you have.

Security measures

We use Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology to secure and authenticate data communication.

If you use client adaptor software, you need a site certificate that uses PKI technology. This is so we can identify the electronic data your service transmits through this channel. You need to install specially developed software.

Site certificates

You or your representative administration locations need to use site certificates to transmit events. Site certificates need to identify the message sender or site. We provide them as software certificates on a CD so they can be loaded onto a system.

When registering new providers for integrated software, we check the site certificates to make sure they’re issued by our IT Security. We then complete an application on your behalf using the information given during the registration process. Our IT Security sends you the site certificate and pass phrase.

Page last updated: 11 December 2020