Billing Agent registration

Individuals or companies wishing to establish a billing agency need to register with us.

Billing Agents act on the patient's behalf to claim Medicare and private health insurance medical benefits. The patient does not need to be involved, unless there is an agreed out-of-pocket expense.

Billing Agents are entitled to collect the gap benefit from the private health insurer on behalf of the provider when the private health insurer and health professional have a gap cover scheme arrangement.

Billing Agents must be approved by us and can be a corporation, partnership, individual or body.

You need to provide the following information to us to apply as an Approved Billing Agent.

The Statutory Declaration and Deed Poll need to be printed and filled in by hand. If you use assistive technology because of disability or medical conditions, please contact us for further assistance.

Complete the relevant application form

Identify which type of applicant you are and complete the relevant application form. There are 4 types of applicants:

  • an Individual - individuals who wish to set up as an Approved Billing Agent
  • a Partnership - the legal relationship of persons carrying on business together with a view to profit, provided they are not members of an incorporated body. All partners must sign the application
  • a Corporation - a body of persons or an individual, with a legal existence distinct from that of the individual person or persons, and
  • a Body - any state and territory government authority or other public body.

If applying as a corporation, please supply a copy of your certificate of incorporation.

Complete the Application to register as an Approved Billing Agent and ECLIPSE form.

Complete and sign the Statutory Declaration

Provide search results from Bankruptcy Register and Disqualified Directors Register.

If applying as an individual or partnership, please provide search results of the Bankruptcy Register and the Disqualified Directors Register for the individual or partners.

The Bankruptcy Register is maintained by the Australian Financial Security Authority.

The Disqualified Directors Register is maintained by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Complete the statutory declaration.

Complete and sign 2 copies of the Deed Poll

Two copies are required as you retain one copy. We have deed poll instructions to assist you.

Complete a deed poll in favour of us.

Include the application fee

The initial application fee for an Approved Billing Agent is $1,000. You must attach a cheque for this amount, made payable to the Services Australia, with your application.

Checklist for registration of a Billing Agent application

  • Completed and signed the Application to register as an Approved Billing Agent and ECLIPSE form
  • Completed and signed the Statutory Declaration
  • Included the application fee
  • Included Evidence of the Establishment of a Trust Account or Compartmentalised Account
  • Supplied a Certificate of Incorporation, if applicable
  • Supplied Search Results of the Bankruptcy Register or the Disqualified Directors Register
  • Completed and signed two copies of the Deed Poll as per instructions) and retain one copy

Checklist if you will be participating via ECLIPSE

  • Confirmed that you have an internet connection
  • Confirmed that you have a software vendor and software product that is enabled with ECLIPSE functionality
  • Checked what security (signing) options your software offers
  • Confirmed whether you are going to use: security option A (site and an individual certificate) or security option B (site certificate only)
  • Confirmed that you have a site certificate CD-Rom stored in a known place ready for installation day, if not already installed. If not, then complete the required online form and process for your site certificate.
  • Confirmed that you have the personal identification code (PIC) for your site certificate. Please retain your original PIC in case of a system failure where you may need to re-enter this information
  • Confirmed whether your practice software requires you to sign transmissions with an individual certificate. If required, then please complete the online form and process for your individual certificate

Any questions or concerns regarding online registration process please contact us at the eBusiness Service Centre.

Submit Simplified Billing form for approval

Send all completed documents with the initial application fee to Medicare eClaiming on the contact us page.

Once you are an Approved Billing Agent, an approved sample Simplified Billing Assignment and Claim form will be forwarded to you electronically by us.

If you make any changes to the Assignment and Claim form, you will need to resubmit the form to us for approval.

Further information

For more information, please contact the Billing Agent Coordinator.

Page last updated: 12 March 2021