Helping your customers get the most out of the PBS Safety Net

Help your customers link their family members under the PBS Safety Net, claim refunds for PBS medicines and get vital prescriptions dispensed early.

The PBS Safety Net early supply rule

The early supply rule helps customers get repeat prescriptions dispensed early so they can continue their treatment.

Your customer’s payment for early supply prescription won’t count towards their PBS Safety Net threshold. If your customer has reached their PBS Safety Net, they have to pay the PBS contribution before reaching their PBS Safety Net threshold.

Read more about the early supply rule and a list of the PBS medicines this rule applies to on the Department of Health PBS website.

Exceeding the PBS Safety Net threshold

Tell your customers early in the year to link their family members under the PBS Safety Net. This helps them avoid going over the threshold and needing to get a refund.

If your customer can’t prove they’re eligible to receive PBS medicines at a concessional or reduced rate when they buy their PBS medicine and you charge them at a higher rate. You need to give them an official pharmacy receipt. This lets us give them a refund if they’re eligible.

We can’t process the claim if any details on the receipt are missing. If something is missing, we’ll tell your customer to contact you to get the missing information.

Customer refunds under the PBS Safety Net

Your customer may be eligible for a PBS refund if they’ve either:

  • exceeded their PBS Safety Net threshold before they get a PBS Safety Net card 
  • are eligible for PBS medicines to be at a concessional or reduced rate but can’t prove eligibility at the time you supply their medicine.

Page last updated: 21 October 2019