Register new entry details - aged care providers guide

Register a new care recipient.

Step 1: log on

Log on to Aged Care Online Services using your User ID and Password.

Step 2: accept terms and conditions

You must agree to the terms and conditions to use Aged Care Online Services. Select I agree to access the main menu.

Step 3: select menu item

From the menu, select Find a Care Recipient and complete the search for the care recipient. This takes you to the Care Recipient Profile.

Step 4: select entry

From the Care Recipient Profile, select Entry Details, then Register Entry Details. A Register home care recipient entry web form displays.

Step 5: enter care details

Enter the Date of entry, Level of care and Carer status. Entering the Location and Postcode is optional but is needed if Viability Supplement eligibility is to be assessed or paid. Select Next.

The start day for the new service must be on or after the departure day for the existing service. The departure date is the day after the last day that home care was provided under the Home Care Agreement.

Step 6: enter address

Enter the care recipient's address and select Next.

Step 7: additional details page 1

If applicable, enter both:

  • the care recipient's Customer Reference Number or Department of Veterans' Affairs number (DVA number)
  • the details of unfunded care, award or settlement received by the care recipient.

Step 8: additional details page 2

Confirm if you’ve seen an Aged Care Client Record (ACCR) for this entry. This includes the National Screening Assessment Form (NSAF).

 Confirm the care recipient elected in writing to be subject to new means testing arrangements from 1 July 2014. This only displays when a care recipient:

  • received care before 1 July 2014
  • hasn’t been out of care for more than 28 days.

 Step 9: select register

To confirm electronic Aged Care Client Record (eACCR) and means testing information, select Register.

You get a unique event ID if the system accepts the event. You see an error message if the system rejects the event.

If you’re moving a client from an existing service into a new one, Aged Care Online Services:

  • departs your client from the old service
  • closes their leave.

Page last updated: 23 October 2019