Menu options for Aged Care Online Services

When you log on to Aged Care Online Services, you can choose from the following menu options:

Find a Claim

Select Find a Claim from the menu and then select:

  • Lodge your Claim to finalise your latest claim in the fastest way possible
  • Current Claim to view a summary of your clients and finalise your claim
  • Historical Claims to view historical claims
  • Latest Payment Statement to view the latest payment statement and view or download a PDF version
  • Historical Payment Statements to view historical payment statements and view or download PDF versions
  • Download Payment Statements to export a payment statement in.xml or .csv format.

Find an Event

Select Find an Event from the menu to search for an event by Unique ID or Event type, such as entry or departure.

Find a Care Recipient

Select Find a Care Recipient from the menu to search for a client and view their profile. You can register, update and delete events on the care recipient profile.

Page last updated: 22 February 2019