Accessing Medicare Easyclaim reports using HPOS

A guide to using HPOS to generate bulk bill processing and payment reports for Medicare Easyclaim.

To access bulk bill processing and payment reports through HPOS you must use Medicare Easyclaim in your practice. Some integrated practice management software provides access to these reports through the bulk bill integrated reporting solution.

Read more about Medicare Easyclaim.

You must have an individual PKI certificate to access these services through HPOS. PKI certificates ensure that your requests through our online services are secure.

Read more about PKI certificates, including how to get one.

Bulk bill processing report

This report shows all successfully submitted transactions or claims that have been processed with exceptions. Exceptions are those claims that have an assessing Medicare reason code and claims submitted where there is a problem with the patients Medicare card. Transactions or claims that were processed without any exceptions or errors are not included in the processing report.

Learn more about explanation codes with our education guide Medicare reason codes and reducing claim rejections.

Bulk bill payment report

This report shows all transactions or claims that were successfully submitted and paid. This report also shows:

  • the payment amount for all services within a claim
  • the total payment amount to the provider for the same payment run in the report, and
  • the date the payment was made

To view processing and payment reports

  • go to the HPOS home page
  • on the Main Menu select Medicare Services
  • select either Easyclaim Processing Reports or Easyclaim Payment Reports
  • enter the Payee Provider Number into the Provider Number Log On field. If multiple providers are working within the practice, the Servicing Provider Number field can be used to filter on a particular servicing provider. This is not required if the servicing provider is also the payee provider
  • enter the Date From and Date To fields using DD/MM/YYYY date format
  • in the Report Type field select BBe from the drop down box
  • select the Format Type you wish to receive the report in, PDF or Excel, enter the details for the report and select the Search button
  • when Search is selected, a new page will display showing the report. This file can then be printed or downloaded
  • if you chose the Excel option, a pop up window appears asking you if you want to open or save this file. You can save it onto your computer and sort columns and rows as you wish
  • if the report is unavailable an error message will be returned stating 'The requested report is not available or the processing report has no exceptions'

Page last updated: 22 February 2019