Insurance Statistics Australia specialty codes

The below list of Insurance Statistics Australia (ISA) specialty codes can be used in your Medical Indemnity payment application.

Code Classification
CALLHE Medical allied health professional - not otherwise stated
CANAES Anaesthetist
CAUDIM Audiometrist
CAUDIO Audiologist
CDENTE Dental technician
CDENTI Dentist
CDERMI Dermatologist
CDIETN Dietician
CGPCOS General practitioner with cosmetic surgery
CGPNPR General practitioner - non procedural
CGPOBS General practitioner with obstetrics
CGPPRC General practitioner - procedural
CGYNAE Gynaecologist (no obstetrics)
COBSTE Obstetrician (including gynaecology)
CPATHO Pathologist
CPHYSN Physician - non-procedural
CPHYSP Physician - procedural
CPSYAN Psychoanalyst
CPSYCH Psychiatrist
CPSYCO Psychologist/counsellor
CPSYTH Psychotherapist
CRADOG Radiographer
CRADOL Radiologist
CRADTH Radiation therapist
CSONOG Sonographer
CSRCOS Cosmetic/plastic/reconstructive surgeon
CSRDEN Dental/maxillofacial surgeon
CSRGEN General surgeon
CSRNEU Neurosurgeon
CSRORT Orthopaedic surgeon
CSROTH Surgeon - not otherwise classified
COTHER Medical practitioner not otherwise classified
CSRGEN General surgeon

Page last updated: 15 September 2020