Overview of the HPOS home page

All of the services and functions in HPOS are grouped on tiles on the home page. Use this overview to help you find a service or function.

Tiles on the HPOS home page


Services and functions in HPOS are in the following tiles.

  • My Mailbox
  • Practice Mailbox
  • Statements and Subscriptions
  • File Upload Facility.
Find a patient:
  • Find a patient.
My programs:
  • Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)
  • Centrelink Forms
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA)
  • My Health Record System – Organisation Registration
  • Healthcare Identifiers
  • Midwife Professional Indemnity Scheme (MPIS)
  • National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme (NBCSP)
  • Online Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Authorities System
  • Practice Incentives Program (PIP)
  • Workforce Incentive Program (WIP) – Practice Stream
  • Prescription Shopping Program (PSP)
  • Rural Incentive Program
  • Telehealth
  • TGA Recall/hazard Alerts.
  • MBS Items Online Checker
  • Child Dental Benefits Schedule
  • MBS Online
  • PBS Schedule.
  • Medicare Bulk Bill Webclaim
  • DVA Allied Health Webclaim
  • DVA Medical Webclaim.
  • Medicare Bulk Bill reports
  • DVA Allied Health Webclaim reports
  • DVA Medical Webclaim reports
  • DVA Patient Treatment report
  • Prescription Shopping Information Service - patient reports.
My details:
  • My delegates
  • My banking details
  • Provider personal details
  • My access history
  • My provider number details
  • Create a new provider location
  • Track and Scale.
Left hand menu:
  • Multiple details request
  • View patient care plan history.

Page last updated: 3 February 2020