How to view your LSPN details

When your PRODA account or (PKI number) is linked to your LSPN, you can view your details through HPOS.

Step 1

Select My details.

LSPN - My details

Step 2 

Select My organisations.

If you can’t see the My organisations tile your PRODA or PKI account need to be linked to an LSPN.

You can contact the LSPN team on 1800 620 589 for more information.

LSPN - My organisations

Step 3

Your LSPN is listed on the My Organisations page. Your HPOS account will only display an LSPN if it’s been linked to your PRODA or PKI.

If you’re the authorised representative, you can contact the LSPN team on 1800 620 589 to have your PRODA or PKI linked to an LSPN.

If you still have issues viewing your LSPN via HPOS please contact

LSPN - My organisations page

Step 4

Select View or select Manage to see your LSPN details.

LSPN - My organisations page

Both view and manage functions allow you to:

If you have the manage function you can also:

You should read the LSPN – HPOS User Guide – before you start.

Page last updated: 17 February 2020