Amend your details

Individual healthcare providers and healthcare provider organisations can amend their details in the HI Service.

Amend an individual healthcare provider record

If you need to amend your name, date of birth or other details that require supporting documents use the Application to amend a Healthcare Provider Record form. You can also use this form to add or update Healthcare Provider Directory entries.

If you’re registered with AHPRA, you must contact the agency to update your AHPRA registration information. If you consent to include your professional and business details in the Healthcare Provider Directory, you also consent to us updating it to match your AHPRA details.

Amend an organisation, responsible officer or organisation maintenance officer record

To replace a RO for a seed, or to add or remove an additional OMO for a seed or network use the Application to replace a Responsible Officer or add/remove an Organisation Maintenance Officer for an Organisation form.

To change personal details of an existing RO or OMO use the Application to amend Organisation Officer's personal details form.

To add or change details of an existing seed or network organisation use the Application to amend Healthcare Organisation record form.

To deactivate, reactivate or retire an organisation's healthcare identifier use the Application to deactivate, reactivate or retire a Healthcare Organisation record form.

Amend a contracted service provider organisation or officer record

Contracted service providers can only update their information by form:

Page last updated: 22 February 2019