Changing providers

If a care recipient decides to change providers, their unspent home care package funds (less any exit amount) moves with them to their new provider.

You need to discuss the care recipient’s needs and mutually agree on a departure day. You need to provide care up until the departure day.

Under the Charter of Care Recipients’ Rights and Responsibilities - Home Care, care recipients have a responsibility to tell providers and their staff of the day they intend to stop receiving home care services, before they change providers. Care recipients have the right (under the Charter) to choose their provider, and to change providers if they wish.

It’s important you agree on a departure date with your care recipient. This defines the period you can claim home care subsidy for. It also lets you reconcile the care recipient’s home care package funds accurately and calculate any unspent amounts you may need to transfer to their new provider.

Read more about changing home care providers on the Health website.

Page last updated: 22 February 2019