How to claim the Increasing choice in home care. There are no changes to how you submit claims and receive payment for home care services provided.

Changes to claiming

You can still use the existing online or paper channel to submit your claim.

Your existing care recipients (as at 26 February 2017) are automatically assigned packages. This is visible to you and the care recipient, and ensures payment continues without any action from you or your care recipients.

Read more about claiming for home care services on the Department of Health website.

Care level transfer

From 27 February 2017, you no longer need to submit a change in the level of care for a care recipient when claiming. The information is sent to us electronically after the ACAT assessment. The Department of Health (Health) sends any later level of care changes through the My Aged Care system.

The existing process applies for care recipients who change care levels before 27 February. Complete the Aged Care home care packages transfer level of care for Aged Care recipients form to tell us a care recipient within your aged care service has transferred into a new level of care.

Claim forms

The paper and electronic claim forms have been updated so you can record the Commonwealth portion of the unspent home care amount to be returned. You can record a dollar and cents amount or zero.

Other changes to the claim form include the removal of reporting individual care recipient care levels, and carer status.

Referral code

You don’t need the referral code to claim payments. The referral code is only used to assign a package to a care recipient so providers can get the appropriate funding.

The aged care payment system recognises the existing provider and service IDs, and the existing care recipient ID that is currently used for claiming purposes.

Organisation with a number of discrete service IDs

There’s no change to how you claim for your services. Care recipients with an approved package at each service are aligned to the service IDs that are used now.

When you enter into a Home Care Agreement with a new care recipient, you need to align them with an existing service ID within your organisation.

Withdrawn home care packages

You won’t be eligible for payment if a care recipient’s home care package is withdrawn.

We are sent a message from Health to tell us the package has been withdrawn.

You’ll be paid any retrospective payments or adjustments for eligible events which occurred while the care recipient was still assigned a package and in your care.

Care recipients without an assigned home care package

You can only claim for care recipients with an assigned home care package. You can discuss Home Care agreements with care recipients before they have their package assigned.

Under the new arrangements care recipients have 56 days - with the option for a 28 day extension - from being assigned a home care package to enter into a Home Care Agreement with their preferred provider.

Residential care providers

Existing residential care providers who become approved home care providers after 27 February 2017 need to use a separate claiming process for home care.

If you’re registered for Online Claiming, you don’t need to register for Aged Care Online Services. You can log on using the same user ID and password. You need to select either the ‘Home Care’ or the ‘Residential Care and ACAT’ system.

Revised Viability Supplement scoring matrix

The new Viability Supplement scoring matrix was introduced on 1 January 2017. There are no changes to your claiming process. You just need to tell us your care recipients’ location details when they enter care or change location.

Read more about the Aged Care Viability Supplement for care providers.

Contact us

Contact the aged care enquiry line if you have any issues with your claim.

Page last updated: 6 May 2019