Aged Care Funding Instrument

The Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) is the classification instrument used to pay subsidies to residential aged care services.

About the ACFI

You can watch a video to learn more about the ACFI including the 1 January 2017 changes to the scoring and eligibility requirements.

ACFI rates

You can download the Department of Health’s Schedule of subsidies and supplements to view the aged care rates of payment.

ACFI Answer Appraisal Pack

You can download the current version of the ACFI Answer Appraisal Pack from the Department of Health website.

Submitting an ACFI

Send the ACFI applications for classification through Aged Care Online Claiming using either the:

  • Business to Government (B2G) channel
  • File Upload channel
  • Web Form channel.

Or you can post the paper-based ACFI Application for Classification form (AC001) to:

Aged Care Payments team
GPO Box 9923
Sydney NSW 2001

The benefits of online claiming are as follows:

  • immediate submission of the ACFI assessment through the B2G and Web Form channels
  • no funding delays—ACFI funding starts from the date the form is transmitted and received online by us
  • an instant response from us to say that we’ve received your ACFI
  • faster feedback from us
  • more accurate data and payments.

When you use the B2G channel you reduce paperwork and improve access to data for use within your business.

To register for Aged Care Online Claiming you must complete either:

Page last updated: 16 September 2019