We’ve updated sample files for changes to home care

1 November 2021

If you’re a Software developer use the updated files to transition your software to the new Home Care changes.

On 1 September 2021, the way Home Care Package providers claim with us changed as part of the Improved Payment Arrangements (IPA) changes.

These changes affect the payment statement and how providers claim and reconcile payments.

If you don’t update your software to align with these changes, it may not be able to:

  • interpret the new data fields contained in the payment statement
  • reconcile for the new payment calculations.

The new payment statement incorporates the IPA changes by splitting the payment statement into 2 sections:

  • Care recipient itemised entitlements
  • Care recipient itemised payments.

We’ve also updated it to include new data fields introduced to payment calculations, including:

  • invoice amount
  • maximum contribution and shortfall amounts
  • home care account balance.

Sample files to help you transition

We’ve developed sample files of the payment statement and bulk file import files to help you transition your software to the new arrangements. You can download the following files in the 2021 IPA changes eKit:

  • sample payment statement in pdf, CSV and XML (with explanations of the file elements)
  • sample bulk invoice file import CSV
  • sample reported Commonwealth unspent file import CSV.

Following feedback, we’ve updated some of the files in the eKit. If you’ve seen a previous version of these files, note the following changes:

  • in the Payment Statement CSV, we’ve removed the ‘Total Amount Due’ (column P) and ‘Home Care Account balance’ (column Q) to avoid misleading data and amounts being shown where a care recipient may have adjustments within the same period
  • in the Payment Statement XML, we’ve changed <cwuaunspentOptInAmount> to <cwuaunspentAmount> to address that the calculation needed to account for Commonwealth unspent amounts on departure. This allows all Commonwealth unspent amounts (opt in and return on departure) to display in the same column within payment statement files. It also streamlines the data needed for calculation
  • we’ve corrected sample CSV files for bulk invoice and Commonwealth unspent amounts to remove the quotation marks around the end of file (EOF) delimiter as these were causing file imports to error.

Next steps

Find out more about the Improved Payment Arrangements (IPA) changes on the Department of Health’s website.

Register for the Health Systems Software Developer Portal.

Page last updated: 1 November 2021