We’ve improved our aged care means assessment forms

14 August 2019

The new forms are now available on our website.

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Customers can use the new digital Aged Care Calculation of your cost of care form to give us financial details for their means assessment. They can download and complete the form on a PC and tablet, then print, sign and submit it to us.

Customers on a means tested income support payment can request a pre-commencement fee letter. They need to call the Aged Care Fees Assessments and Services line. If they receive a DVA payment, they should call DVA on 1800 555 254.

We’ve also updated and renamed the Home Care Package (SA456) and Residential Care (SA457) forms. We’ve created a new form Residential Aged Care Property details for Centrelink and DVA customers (SA485) for residential care customers who get a means tested income support payment. Customers can use this form to tell us details of their home.

If you give your customers a printed form, please make sure you use the latest versions. Please dispose of any old forms you have on hand.

Keep in mind, not everyone needs to complete a means assessment form. Customers only need to complete a form if either:

  • they don’t get a means tested income support payment, for example are a self funded retiree
  • they are entering residential care, get a means tested income support payment and they own their home.

If we have the details we need, we’ll complete an assessment for customers automatically. Please make sure their income and asset details are up to date. We’ll write to you and the customer to confirm how much they need to pay.

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Page last updated: 14 August 2019