We’ve improved home care payment statements

21 December 2020

You’ll notice a new layout for home care payment statements for November 2020 claims onwards.

We’ve improved the layout of home care payment statements to make it easier for you to understand and reconcile information.

In particular, the portal screen and PDF will include a revised summary section with clear breakdowns of:

  • subsidy and supplement amounts for the current month
  • adjustments for the current period
  • adjustments for previous periods
  • total care recipient funding amounts.

For XML users, there are four new codes that will represent the basic subsidy package level:

  • C1 = Basic Level 1
  • C2 = Basic Level 2
  • C3 = Basic Level 3
  • C4 = Basic Level 4.

All other codes will remain the same.

These changes will be visible on payment statements issued for November 2020 claims onwards.

To get the new payment statement layout, you must be using the Aged Care Provider Portal.

Next steps

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Page last updated: 21 December 2020