We’re upgrading our digital health and aged care channels

23 January 2020

Health and aged care professionals will need to use web services compatible software to access our digital channels.

We’re upgrading our digital health and aged care channels to improve the security of patient and provider information.

The following channels will move from our current adaptor technology to web services.

  • Medicare Online
  • Australian Immunisation Register - via Medicare Online
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs - via Medicare Online
  • PBS Online
  • Aged Care.

If you use any of these channels, you may need to update your existing software to web services compatible software by March 2022.

We’re also replacing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security with our authentication system Provider Digital Access (PRODA).

This change won’t impact organisations using a NASH PKI certificate for Healthcare Organisations to authenticate to:

  • Healthcare Identifiers Services
  • My Health Record system.

What you need to do to prepare for web services will depend on the digital health and aged care channels you’re currently using.

Find out more about your next steps and web services for digital health and aged care channels.

Next steps

Read more about PRODA for web services.

Read more about how to find a software developer.

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Page last updated: 23 January 2020