We’re changing the way you access HPOS

3 December 2020

We’re changing the way we verify who you are and how we identify you when you access our digital health systems.

We’re doing this is to ensure our channels remain secure and are using up to date, industry standard technology.

As you may know, from 7 December 2020, you’ll need a PRODA account to access HPOS as an individual. You’ll no longer be able to log in to HPOS using an individual Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate.

So far, over 99 per cent of PKI individual certificate holders have moved to PRODA to access HPOS. Over 95 per cent of HPOS access is now entirely through PRODA. We’d like to thank you for your support through this transition so far.

If you’re already using PRODA to access HPOS, you don’t need to do anything. If you don’t have a PRODA account, you can register for an individual PRODA account now.

If your organisation has a PKI site certificate, you’ll still be able to use this to log into HPOS. We’ll be in contact with your organisation soon to help with the transition to PRODA.

These changes only impact access to HPOS, and don’t affect any other services that you access using a PKI certificate.

Next steps

Read more about using a Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account to access HPOS.

Page last updated: 7 January 2021