We’re adding active catch up schedules to immunisation history statements

17 January 2020

From 18 January 2020, catch up schedules will appear on immunisation history statements.

It’s important to record immunisations at the time of service. Families need to meet immunisation requirements to:

  • get some family assistance payments
  • enrol their children in childcare or school.

You should use the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) site to record all vaccinations on the day your patient gets them. You can also use your Practice Management Software. Make sure you have the latest version and your internet browser is up to date.

The catch up schedule will start on the day you record it on the AIR. If you record a catch up using the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) – immunisation medical exemption form (IM011), it will start from the date the form is signed. It won’t display on the record until the form is processed by the AIR.

It’s important to remember you can’t:

  • back or forward date the catch up
  • edit the dates once they’re on the AIR.

Remember to follow up to make sure your patient comes back for any overdue vaccines. They can only have one catch up schedule recorded.

You can contact us if you have issues recording a catch up schedule or immunisation information on the AIR.

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Page last updated: 17 January 2020