We now offer My Aged Care services face-to-face

4 November 2021

Older Australians now have more ways to find out about My Aged Care services.

We can help people access general information about government-funded aged care services in person in all our service centres.

In some service centres we offer specialist aged care support. Aged Care Specialist Officers (ACSOs) are currently available in 15 locations across Australia. They can help with:

  • providing in-depth information on the different types of aged care services
  • checking if someone is eligible for government-funded services and making a referral for an aged care assessment
  • providing financial information about aged care services
  • helping appoint a representative for My Aged Care
  • connecting people to local support services.

By 31 December 2022 there’ll be ACSOs in 70 service centres. There’ll also be 10 ACSOs providing outreach services in rural and regional areas.

We’re providing this face to face service in addition to the existing My Aged Care channels. People can access these services:

Next steps

Find out more about Aged Care Specialist Officers and where they’re located.

Page last updated: 4 November 2021